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Hey everyone, this is a database of all of the live shows I have taped in the past. I may or may not update the future shows part of the site. Some things don't always need to be known.
Most of these recordings are available in full either online or from me directly. Click on a show date (not artist name) to check out 30 second clips of all of the performances and links to performances hosted for download online. If you don't see a clip & info for a show yet, relax, it'll be there soon. If you feel the need to contact me, use the contact page.

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Current Taping Rigs:
*Schoeps MK4 > active cables > Nbox+ > IRiver iHP-120 or Creative Nomad Jukebox 3
*AT831 > Sound Pros SP-SB-1S Battery Box > IRiver iHP-120 or Creative Nomad Jukebox 3

Former Taping Gear:
Neumann KM100/ak40 with LC3-KA active cables
AKG 460/ck61 or ck63
AKG 300/ck91
Oktava MC012 with cardiod capsules
Sound Devices MP-2
Oade Warm Mod Edirol UA-5
Oade Digi Mod Edirol UA-5
Sharp MD-MT15

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