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2003-09-04 Common Pleasure
Author Jason Mraz
Description Contact for info on the full recording

Jason Mraz
September 4, 2003
"T-Mobile All Access"
Navy Pier - Chicago, IL

Source: (soundboard?) > T-Mobile All Access Real Media Webcast > SB Live! Soundcard > Soundforge 6.0
Edit: Soundforge 6.0 > wav > CD Wave > wav
Conversion: wav > mkw 0.97 > shn


Disc 1:

01: Tonight, Not Again [07:59]
02: Curbside Prophet [05:11]
03: I'll Do Anything [04:59]
04: Absolutely Zero [06:57]
05: You and I Both [04:01]
06: Right Kind of Phrase [05:26]
07: Common Pleasure [05:26]
08: Unfold [07:33]
09: No Stopping Us [08:45]
10: The Remedy (I Won't Worry) [03:43]
11: Too Much Food [09:46]
12: Sleep All Day (Disco Version) [06:11]
Total [1:17:07]

Notes: The opening song, Halfway Home, had issues and was dropping out during the inital webcast. It was later cut and removed from the webcast entirely when it reaired and is therfore not a part of this recording. Volume in the left channel during the webcast was considerably louder than the volume in right channel and was clipping. Because of this the left channel was swapped out for a carbon copy of the right channel in editing. Volume was then raised equally. Volume still fluctuates at places (mostly near the end of the broadcast).

Compiled by Jon K. on 09.05.03
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Date Monday 30 May 2005 - 15:16:19
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