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2003-08-09 Sleeping To Dream
Author Jason Mraz
Description Full Recording: [link]

Jason Mraz
August 9th, 2003
Del Mar Fairgrounds - Del Mar, CA

Taper: Jon Koch (
Source: AT831s > SP-SPSB-1S batt. box (w/ bass rolloff set @ 107 Hz) > (optical line-in) Creative Nomad Jukebox 3
Transfer: Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 > USB
Edit: wav > Soundforge 6.0 > wav > CD Wave > wav
Conversion: wav > mkw 0.97 > shn


Disc 1:

01: Sleep All Day (Disco Version)& [04:29]
02: On Love, In Sadness [05:11]
03: You and I Both@ [04:02]
04: So Unusual@ [06:52]
05: Curbside Prophet [08:21]
06: I'll Do Anything@ -> [05:53]
07: No Doubling Back@ [06:13]
08: 0% Interest* [10:36]
09: Sleeping To Dream# [04:07]
10: Did I Fool Ya?% [06:39]
11: Halfway Home% [04:37]
Total: [1:07:00]

Disc 2:

01: Tonight, Not Again [13:41]
02: The Remedy (I Won't Worry) [03:33]
03: Too Much Food [11:49]
04: Right Kind of Phrase [14:12]
05: No Stopping Us [15:19]
06: Encore Break/Intro [02:37]
07: 10,000 Motherfuckers (That'll Do)* [07:28]
Total: [1:08:39]

& Incomplete, track fades in
* Jason solo on keyboards
# Jason & Toca
% Jason, Toca, & Ian
@ Jason on electric guitar

Jason Mraz Full Band is:
Jason Mraz - lead vocals, acoustic/electric guitar
Toca Rivera - vocals, percussion
Ian Sheridan - vocals, acoustic/electric bass
Adam King - drums
Eric Hinijoso - keyboards, banjo
Bill Bell - electric guitar

Notes: Best Mraz full band show I've seen to date. Recording could have been better but it's not too bad. The first song,Unfold,and part of Sleep All Day are missing due to the speakers over powering the mics and my having to move back into the crowd. I also had to adjust things following Sleep All Day. Any variances in volume after this point are do to my moving in the crowd to try and get away from the people that wouldn't shut up. This crowd was honestly the worst and most unruley I've ever seen at a Mraz show and it's noticeable since the mics were in a hat. Never pay for or sell live recordings. If you have any questions or need more info drop me a line.

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